Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj are known for their funky styles and upbeat music, but perhaps what they are most well-known for are their ever-changing hair (or wig) colors, constantly switching things up with a different shade or 'do. This time, we're looking at their Egyptian-style wigs. Who wore it best?

Katy Perry rocks a silver white wig in her video for 'Dark Horse.' The hairstyle features blunt bangs and a short, bob-like chop, and it's painted with sky blue hieroglyphics. Perry pairs the wig with a small, silver headband and accentuates its blue accents with bright blue nail polish and eye shadow. Simply put, the wig looks stunning on the singer, who wears the wig rather than the wig "wearing" her.

Nicki Minaj donned a similar style to Perry's during her 2012 Super Bowl halftime performance with Madonna. Like the 'Dark Horse' singer, Minaj's white bob features blunt bangs and a short cut (though it grazes her shoulders), which she paired with an ornate gold headdress that absolutely makes the wig. The stunning gold piece is what sets Minaj's wig apart from Perry's and gives it a regal feel.

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