Katy Perry's boobs are often a topic of conversation. From the singer celebrating their size to Sesame Street' yanking her segment for showing too much cleavage, Perry's twins are stars in their own right. At last night's (April 18) ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Hollywood, Perry nearly had a wardrobe malfunction involving her gals.

Perry was wearing a long, column-style, white, strapless gown without a bra. It had an embroidered pattern and was gorgeous. However, the flimsy strap slipped off her shoulder multiple times, forcing the singer to fidget with it throughout the night. Given her well-endowed nature, Perry made a critical mistake by going commando, as she nearly popped out when the straps slipped. She was in dire need of support and this dress just didn't provide it. It was gorgeous, yes, but better suited for a much smaller chested woman.

Perry, who recently traded her asymmetrical, blunt blue bob for long, deep purple waves, looked pretty, but she was distracted by the construction of her dress. Bras are your friend, Katy. Big-chested gals need em! Some double-stick tape may have helped, too.