Katy Perry is a chameleon when it comes to her hair color. The 'Part of Me' songstress, who is actually a toehead naturally, has ever-changing hues of hair, from bright blues and pinks to softer, more natural shades of blonde and brown. So, out of all of the hair colors she's donned thus far, which one of Perry's pigments do you think suits her best?

Of late, Perry has been seen at red carpet events and at music festivals with a deep purple shade of hair. Before that, Perry was rocking a blond 'do, reminiscent of the lighter locks she was born with. Oh, but the fun doesn't stop there. The 'Firework' singer got vibrant and colorful in late 2011 with a hot pink hairstyle that reflected Perry's spunky yet sweet personality. The Katy Perry who we all learned to love was a brunette, and for a while, Perry stuck to the dark shade. However, it wasn't long before she got dye happy again, taking on a turquoise hue.

People might worry about the state of Perry's follicles after so many sessions with her hair colorist, but the singer herself jokes about it. During an interview with MTV about her version of the 'Sims' video games, Perry said, "You can change my Sim's hair color two or three times a day if you want to, which is basically what I want to do. I can't, or I'd have to shave my head or my hair would just fall out." Oh well, she'll have to settle for every couple of months!

So, which Katy Perry hair color is your favorite, or which one do you think looks best on the beauty? Cast your vote below.

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