Keanu Reeves had a scary moment earlier this week when he came face-to-face with a stalker who had broken into his home.

TMZ reports that around 4AM on Monday, Sept. 15, Reeves was sleeping at home when he woke up from hearing noises coming from his library.

When he went to the library to investigate, he saw a woman in her mid-40s sitting in a chair. Reeves approached her and the woman told him she was there to see him. Reeves then calmly called 911 and told the cops to come by quickly.

The authorities arrived and took the intruder away for a psych evaluation.

In the words of Reeves' character, Neo, from 'The Matrix': Whoa.

Coincidentally, Reeves' 'Speed' co-star Sandra Bullock also had a home intruder incident in June when she came face-to-face with a man in her home. The man was arrested while shouting professions of love. He also reportedly had a notebook with him that contained cutouts of Bullock from various magazines.