Kelly Clarkson has quite an imagination. The 'Dark Side' singer tweeted that she has a great idea for a collaboration between herself and fellow pop divas Lady Gaga, Pink and Jessie J. If it shakes out how we think it should/could/would, then it'd be like this decade's version of 'Lady Marmalade,' which was the collabo between Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya and Pink back in 2001 -- Pink acting as the common thread.

Sony announced that a greatest hits package from Clarkson would be forthcoming, according to Oh No They Didn't. So what better way to pump up that set than with a massive collabo between some of the biggest names and best voices in pop music? Sure, our gal Kelly has enough songs to fill a best of compilation, but there always needs to be that little something extra that pushes fans to the store and entices them to buy it. A song with the aforementioned ladies would certainly do the trick!

Would it be a cover? An original? A four-part harmony? The possibilities are endless, with Clarkson only saying that it would have a bit of a "rock" edge, since she references David Bowie and U2 in her tweet. Interesting. Very interesting.

What say you, Gaga, Pink and Jessie?

Below is Clarkson's invitational tweet. How could any of these ladies say "no" to her? They can't! Do it up, gals.

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