Looks like there really is something behind all of that glitter and 'Avatar' lipstick. Famed photographer Terry Richardson -- known for his risque photo shoots such as the 'Glee' kids spread in GQ or the Rolling Stone cover featuring Katy Perry -- took to his blog to share the stripped down and beautiful black-and-white shots of Kesha.

With looks that seem to perpetually project her love for alcohol, Auto Tune and futuristic electronic noises -- which can also be heard in a recent leak -- it's nice to see the songstress in a light that's, well, sans garage goth. Once you take away the ripped fishnet tights and t-shirts, tangled hair and heavy Alice Cooper eye-liner, you've got a sexy bombshell look that channels Britney Spears' look in OUT.

So although we love her new look over here at PopCrush, we wonder if she should stick to the image that matches her music. What do you guys think? Clean or glitter goth?

Watch the Kesha 'Blow' Video