Claws out. There could be a kat fight brewing between pop's reigning dirty girl Kesha and diva-esque Keri Hilson. Hilson was just filmed dropping a diss against Kesha.

Miss Hilson has a real penchant for downing other female pop stars and on camera, to boot. She was also recently caught dissing Beyonce. Now, there's more video evidence of this habit. If this vid becomes a big deal and a feud ensues, there is no way Hilson can spin this to pretend like she wasn't trashing Kesha.

Perez Hilton posted a video of Hilson being attended to by her glam squad. There's like five people working on the diva at once. She asks, "Can we get some music now?" A Kesha song begins to play and someone in her glam entourage says, "I hate this b----" to which Hilson then cattily comments, "Some real music."

Hilson goes on to acknowledge that has been caught commenting negatively about a fellow pop star, which could lead to some fallout, saying, "Hi, editors." Perhaps that's Hilson pointing out that editors of the footage will take it and run with it or it's a hint to edit that part out?

Someone in Hilson's entourage really has it out for the 'Get Sleazy' singer, calling her "vile," to which Hilson comments, "Oh Lord" and laughs. She certainly doesn't hop to Kesha's defense.

Do we sense a b---h fest coming on? Yeah, we sorta do.

Watch Keri Hilson and Her Entourage Diss Kesha