Kesha and Iggy Pop seem like an unlikely pair, but their collaboration 'Dirty Love,' off of her upcoming album 'Warrior,' proves they're a natural fit.

The Stooges frontman joins K-Dollar Sign on the garage rock, punk-inspired song, and both their respective sounds and their senses of humor play off of one another. They're both audibly excited to be there; Kesha opens the song by shouting, "It's Iggy Pop!" There are loud guitars, banging drums and minimal tricks on this tune -- which is how they like it.

The song celebrates the lack of fancy things in favor of something more raw. "Champagne tastes like p--- to me," Kesha shouts. Pop's lyrics are equally tongue-in-cheek, referencing everything from Rick Santorum to Afghanistan. (Seriously.) The song closes with Pop saying, "Alright, cool." That's one way to put it.

Kesha announced the duet back in May, calling it a "dream come true." While some were initially surprised that the Auto-Tune enthusiast would be collaborating with a punk legend, she explained, "I feel like I don’t necessarily agree, but people say that rock and roll is dead, and it is my mission and my goal to resurrect it in the form of my pop music. That’s the goal. We’ll see what happens. That’s a very ambitious and lofty goal, but that’s my goal.”