In case you were confused by the line ("Boy, you're such a pretty lady"), the meaning of Kesha's new leaked track becomes clear soon enough: She has a thing for boys who dress like girls. But can they have beards?

In Kesha's ode to hot-as-hell drag queens, she waxes poetic of one's "Big hair, nice / high heels / sweet a--." She even has cameos from actual drag queens in the track, with a sound bite from Lady Lloyd and Detox in the bridge. This isn't the first time she's used cross-dressers to inspire her lyrics -- remember 'Take It Off?'

Muu Muse reports that 'Pretty Lady' is from Kesha's post-'Animal' sessions and that she may have recorded this in February with her mom. (That had to be a fun lyrical explanation!) The song is a rollicking rock n' roll one, more similar to her duet with the Flaming Lips than to 'Tik Tok.' Though 'Pretty Lady' has a raw, garage rock feel to it, it's unclear whether the track is a final cut or a demo.

The singer has been preparing fans for a new "cock pop" sound with more guitars, so this may be a whiskey-soaked taste of what's to come. Now where's our glitter?

Listen to Kesha, 'Pretty Lady'