Chris Brown and rapper Kid Ink linked up for a collabo.

Breezy appears on Kid's song 'Show Me,' which will appear on his 'My Own Lane' album, out in December. Kid Ink recently opened up about how the partnership came to be and how he hooked up with Breezy. He even went as far as to say that it was Breezy's participation that helped actualize the song, elevating where it needed to be and to where it could go.

"I know before he had the record that it had a lot of single potential, but it just wasn’t where it needed to be," Kid Ink told The Boombox. "When we linked up with Chris Brown, we played him the record and he kind of understood that. He put that extra… what the record needed to come to life. We knew that was the one even though we recorded three or four other songs that night."

The song took off once Breezy put his stamp on it, with Kid Ink saying, "It wasn’t really about having Chris Brown on it; it was more so the one with Chris Brown on it. It sounded amazing compared to the other records."

It was quite a sesh when the two artists got together, as Kid Ink revealed he got to the studio at 3PM, with Breezy turning up at 8PM. They grinded it out until 9AM!

They got a lot done, and worked on some other tracks. But don't expect anything else that took place during the session to be released. "We were recording and making sure that we just vibed out and had a good time," Kid Ink recalled. "He was just working so fast and there was so many hours left, I was like, 'Yo, I got more records,' and he played me a bunch of records. We’ll see where they all go, but for now it’s just that one song that’s set in stone for the album."

The video is in the treatment stages, with Breezy on board to direct.