So scary! Kim Kardashian arrived at a Paris Fashion Week event today (Sept. 25) and managed to take just a few steps out of her limo when a man lunged at her legs and appeared to tackle her.

In the harrowing video posted on TMZ, Kanye West is first seen exiting the limo as a packed crowd full of photographers and fans surrounds him. On the other side of the car, Kim gets out and someone immediately flings himself at her legs and tackles her, almost knocking her down. As security guards desperately try to simultaneously protect Kim, free her from his grasp and get a hold of the guy, a noticeably frightened Kris Jenner screams, "Stop it!" The footage is super frenzied and honestly, super frightening.

Fortunately, security manages to restrain the guy and Kim, Kris and Kanye all manage to walk into the Balmain Fashion Week show unharmed.

And as for who the creeper in question was, well, word has it that it may have been Vitalii Sediuk -- the man synonymous with such Hollywood "pranks" as attacking Brad Pitt, crawling up America Ferrera's skirt, attempting to grab Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper's crotches and trying to kiss Will Smith. Awful.

We're just glad that Kim Kardashian is OK! You can watch the scary incident here.

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