When emoji eggplant or mentions of "brb" won't do, Kim Kardashian's ready to supply your text messages with images including a waist trainer, contouring makeup and a giant ass for perfectly unfettered smartphone conversation. Nice try, words!

Kardashian, who gave birth to a second child earlier this month, released a brand new "Kimoji" app today (December 21) that allows its users to communicate by means of obscured breasts, Bentley and three women doing handstands with their legs split in tandem. Also, a hairdryer, in case your low pony is still wet and the idea of typing nine letters registers as taxing.

"KIMOJI," Kim captioned the image above, which includes an early look into the Kimoji catalog. The Kim crying face is here, sure, and the middle finger is probably on brand, but the inclusion of Katsushika Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" is sort of like, Kim: ???

Kim Kardashian fans seem excited about this, like @ReflectOnBieber, who tweeted "@KimKardashian you just made asking for nudes and telling your mom you're pregnant a whole lot easier" and @CynthiaLouAnn09 who observed "wow."

The Sisters Kardashian basically already have a stronghold over apps, so you should probably expect to be on the receiving of a red plastic cup or woman taking selfie sometime soon.

Think Kimojis will make their way to your keyboard? Please don't tell your family you're pregnant through SMS.

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