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Now, here's something I have in common with Kim Kardashian: She loves makeup and beauty products just like me! I'm no stranger to the beauty product scene.

On the radio, I'm honest with you about my new and latest beauty finds and what I love and what I don't. There is so much out there! It can be very overwhelming. I'm a sucker for testimonies, and if someone raves about a certain something, most likely, I'll go out and get it too. Which leads me to Mrs. Kanye West...

In a recent interview with Into the Gloss, Kim spilled the beans on everything she uses,  from skin care to cosmetics, both high end and low end. She listed everything you'd want to know about her must-have beauty and makeup products. Check them out in the gallery above!

And don't forget! Season 10 of Keeping up With the Kardashians premieres this Sunday on E! Will you be tuning in just like me?