Sure, Angie and Brad are pretty iconic as far as Hollywood couples go, but no one in Tinsel Town—no one—can hold a candle to the adorableness that is the union of actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

The two, who met at an event in Los Angeles in 2007, were wed back in 2013. Since then, the down-to-earth couple has been positively making people near-nauseous with their seemingly perfect, happy, and fun-filled relationship. The couple, with their palpable chemistry, were even hired for a series of Samsung appliance commercials in 2015. And remember that time when Dax surprised his love with a home visit from a sloth, her favorite animal, for her 31st birthday? I mean, come on people:

Relationship goals. GOALS, I TELL YOU!

And now, Kristen and Dax have practically out-cuted themselves with this new video posted to their YouTube channel. The video, which seems like it may have been filmed in or around 2013 (according to the video's caption, it was filmed during their "last trip before having kids") features footage of the duo "raging hard" during a trip to an African country, where they lip-sync and dance their way around zebras, water buffalo, and giraffes while out on safari.

Plus, the couple get extra points for using Toto's iconic, dramatic 1982 track "Africa." Watch below:

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