Easter egg hunts, but instead of pastel-colored plastic shells, you unearth a keyboard, tambourine and piano fit for The Peanuts' own Schroeder: That's more or less Kurt Hugo Schneider's latest cover in a nutshell.

The YouTube artist and producer, who's posted takes on One Directions "Infinity" and Selena Gomez's "Same Old Love" in recent weeks, tackles Justin Bieber's new "Sorry" in a brand new performance video posted today (November 9) above, and thankfully, his front yard comes outfitted with all the necessary instruments to make the Purpose track a memorable one. Plus: a renegade jogger as impromptu audience!

Where the original apology-seeking tune's a thumping dance hall number, Schneider's is a slower, more considerate exploration of contrition that rests on melancholy piano. As he strides around his front yard, though, he builds on his update with hints of electronica and percussion that stems from tapping at a tree trunk instead of drums.

Justin's own video for the "Sorry" track includes a neon-tinted performance by all-female New Zealand dance squads ReQuest and Royal Family Megacrew. Plus, there's a longer short film on the way that will feature all 18 tracks from Purpose and include choreography from Parris Goebel.

Check out Schneider's "Sorry" cover above, tell us if you're digging it and be sure to pick up a copy of Purpose when it's released November 13!

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