It's a battle of the blondes!

Kylie Minogue reigns supreme at the top of the pop music food chain in Europe, namely in England. Since she knows a thing or two or 10 about pop divadom, she was put on the spot by host Andy Cohen for the 'Plead the Fifth' interview segment on Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live.' Cohen bravely asked Minogue who has more talent: Lady Gaga or Madonna?

Talk about sprinkling some gasoline and other flammables on an already raging fire between the two pop queens. Or was Bravo just being, um, "reductive" by digging up a tired topic?

The segment allows the answerer to plead the fifth and not answer one of the questions posed, while having to answer all the rest. You only get one pass. The Gaga/Madge question was the first, to which Minogue said, "You've gone straight for the jugular. Is that the tone for the next questions?"

She gamely chose to answer the query, after chewing on her lip and hesitating. She said, "That's very difficult. I'm gonna go with, just for hanging in there and still doing what she does, I'm going to give it to Madonna."

There you have it. Minogue gave Madge the edge simply due to her staying power and longevity. Notice she really didn't assess who is more talented. Madonna was her choice because she's been in the game for decades.

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