Not only did Lady Gaga give the opening performance of the 2011 MuchMusic Awards tonight, but she also returned for an encore to close out the show, commandeering not one, but two stages for the finale. Only Gaga could require two stages and only Gaga can perform awards show double duty without wearing out her welcome. That's why we love her so.

Gaga, who took home two awards this evening, performed the spoken word opening of 'Born This Way' while encased in a clear cocoon, which was not unlike the egg in which she entered the 2011 Grammys Red Carpet. Gaga emerged from the structure with what is becoming her new signature: turquoise hair.

She was wearing a massive, black feathered jacket that looked like both a big heart and angel wings at once; The shoulder pads made her look like a linebacker. Gaga eventually shed the ensemble to reveal a black and yellow blazer as she ripped through the dance anthem that kickstarted her year with a major, major bang.

Surrounded by male dancers, Gaga stripped down even further, closing out the song in her signature black bra and black pants. Oh, but that wasn't all. Not by a longshot.

Gaga had patches of armpit hair that matched her turquoise wig, which were exposed when she lifted her arms and held her microphone. She also had a patch of turquoise pubic hair. Since that wasn't real and was affixed to the outside of her pants, it was effectively a merkin.

Gaga is quite possibly the only pop star who can make a fashion statement out of tufts of faux armpit and pubic hair. She really was born that way and by "that way," we mean with a creative spirit that cannot and will not be smothered or edited.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Born This Way' at the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards