The Born This Way Ball tour might be delighting tons of little monsters overseas, but there are others who aren't so happy with Lady Gaga's latest stage show. According to WENN, an official at Thailand’s Culture Ministry has berated Lady Gaga over her use of Thailand's national flag during a performance in Bangkok last month.

During her song 'Heavy Metal Lover,' Gaga transforms into the motocycle that appears on the cover of 'Born This Way.' Whilst performing the Top Gaga Song at the Born This Way Ball stop in Bangkok, Mother Monster tied Thailand's flag to the back of the human motorbike and rode around the stage. And in usual Gaga form, she was wearing next-to-nothing as the flag waved behind her.

Speaking to the Associated Press, the official at Thailand's Culture Ministry said that Gaga's use of the nation's flag was "not appropriate and hurt the feelings of the Thai people." You can see a video of her waving the Thai flag during 'Heavy Metal Lover' below.

While we aren't shocked by Gaga's behavior one bit, we'd advise her to check out the cultural no-no's of a country before doing anything drastic or that could be seen as offensive.

Gaga's Born This Way Ball has come under lots of fire during the Asian leg of the tour. This news follows the cancellation of her gig in Indonesia and her upsetting the people of Thailand by tweeting about purchasing an illegal watch in the streets of the country.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Heavy Metal Lover' in Bangkok With Thailand's Flag