Hey little monsters: We have a transmission from the Mother Monster herself regarding her fourth album. Lady Gaga will share her new album title in September... that's just three months away! We're salivating with anticipation over what she will call her fourth disc.

Little monsters with encyclopedic knowledge of Gaga's history will remember that she revealed the title of 'Born This Way' onstage at the 2010 MTV VMAs, which took place on Sept. 12.

While she is making the big announcement in September again, Gaga is way too original to do the same thing or announce the same way. We're predicting she will go bigger when it's time for the big reveal. Or maybe she'll tweet it. That way, 25 million people will find out, instantly.

Gaga tweeted and posted the news on her Facebook page, writing: "Exciting news little monsters! I've played my new record for my label and will be announcing my new Album Title in September! X" Wouldn't you sever a limb to work at Interscope right now since that'd mean you heard the new album?

Gaga set the bar high on 'Born This Way,' so there's no question that the fourth album marks a critical point in her career. No one knows this better than Gaga herself. She's going to kill it, and that's good news for little monsters.

A member of her team of handlers recently went on record to tell fans to expect the unexpected on the next platter.

Below is Gaga's tweet, so you can relive the good news twice.

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