Lady Gaga unleashed a torrent of tweets, sharing a cryptic message about 'ARTPOP' that could be a thinly veiled lyric. She also explained how her Born Brave Bus will work on the North American leg of the Born This Way Ball tour.

The bus will be on site so at-risk or in-need youth can get some mental health information or support. It's going to be a brave new world when Gaga hits the road next month.

First, about that 'ARTPOP' message.

She tweeted: "I try to sell myself but I am really laughing, because I just love the music not the bling - ARTPOP 2013"

The cadence and the rhyme scheme sound like a lyric, don't ya think? We love the sentiment, which is proclaiming that the art is more important than the commerce.

Her string of tweets explained how the BBB works, eliminating the stigma and making it a fun experience for the little monsters. In essence, it's like tailgaiting but instead of drinking and BBQing, it'll be a little more helpful.

She explained: "For those wondering about the "counseling" at the BTWBall BornBrave pre-show, it will be a fun tailgating experience for monsters to unite."

The good times will be augmented by access to mental health care professionals. She explained: "At the #BornBraveBus you have access to professional private or group chats about mental health, depression, bullying, school & friends. "

There will also be refreshments and activities, as she posted: "#BornBraveBus there will also be food and games, @djws and @ladystarlightny will DJ with host @BREEDLOVENYC to keep the experience fun."

She is clearly working to make it equal parts fun and supportive, and removing any clinical aspects, so that little monsters aren't afraid to use the service. It's also making care accessible to those who might not otherwise have the means to seek it out.

She wrote: "Is a place where mental health + depression are taken seriously w/ no judgement, FREE real help available to all #BraverWorld."

Ma Monster, who is certainly maternal by launching the Born Brave Bus, admitted that she and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, came up with this concept because it's a necessity. "I feel like most kids don't look for help because they feel embarrassed so mom + I wanted to break the stigmas around 'help' and make it fun," she posted.

PopCrushers, do you plan to check out the Born Brave Bus on the Born This Way Ball tour?

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