Lady Gaga explained the meaning behind every song on 'ARTPOP' in an intense and informative sit down with SiriusXM. It's your Gaga Guided Tour of her new record.

It's 20 minutes long, but it goes by fast, since Gaga is so in tune with creations and explains them so fluently. It will certainly provide you with a new perspective for next time you to listen to 'ARTPOP.'

The connective tissue of every song is the adrenaline rush -- from taking the veil off to laying in bed with one person while having thoughts of someone else.

Some of the key reveals? Read on to find out!

'Aura' is about the veils that protect her and what she holds most sacred, which is her creativity and her 'Aura' is how she deals with her insanity.

'Venus' explores finding faith in other places and beyond, while 'G.U.Y.' references third-wave feminism, and about not needing to be on top. She is a power bottom -- her words, not ours. Being on top is not her goal.

'Sexxx Dreams' is about just that. She speaks and sings to two different people in the verses and choruses. 'Jewels 'n' Drugs,' the album's urban track, has a lot of trap influence. She was stoked to work with the rappers, calling it a special song since her collaborators were fearless.

'Manicure' has double entendre in its meaning and celebrates manicuring your body and mind to go out and bag a dude or a chick.

'Do What U Want' is a true R&B record for her.

'ARTPOP' is at the center of the record with an infinite tone, whereas 'Swine' is an angry song about her sexual experiences in life. The song was an exorcism for her, which is why she bangs on the drums during it.

'Donatella' is a tribute to her pal, as is 'Fashion,' written with 'Mary Jane Holland' was written when she decided to be a brunette. It was an alter ego she adopted in real life while smoking weed in Amsterdam to help with her anxiety.

'Dope' was also about her coping with weed, which makes you more paranoid and sweaty.

'Gypsy' celebrates traveling the world and feeling lonely, but being okay with that because of the fans. She also revealed that 'Applause' is simply a celebration of the joys of being an entertainer.

There you have it -- 'ARTPOP' in a a 20-minute nutshell.