Artpop. Is that the title of Lady Gaga's new album? Could be! It's the word that she just got tattoed on her arm and she seems to have dropped a really big hint that impacted with the subtlety of a bomb!

The Mother Monster shared a photo of her brand new tattoo, which is the phrase 'Artpop' in simple black script. It's all caps and one word. She captioned the photo, which she shared on, with this statement: "New ink new album." That certainly implies that her new album will be titled 'Artpop.' That's also probably what it will sound like.

She also commented on the post a second time, writing: "We could, we could belong together. ARTPOP." - lady gaga

Little monsters immediately began questioning the location of the tattoo. Looking straight ahead and flipping it, the tatt would seem to be on her right arm, which would oppose the fact that she only tattoos the left side of her body, per Papa Germanotta's request. However, other lil' monsters pointed out that the iPad cameras turn pictures around and that the image is mirrored, so it should be on her left arm and therefore on the side of her body reserved for ink.

Whatever the case, Gaga appears to have shared some really big news.

Artpop, huh? We like it. It sounds like a revolution in sound and culture, as opposed to a simple album title.

We also love how pouty Gaga's lips look. While there were rumors that she may have had fillers injected into her kisser, it's probably just her pose and that rosy lipstick making them appear fuller!

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