Lady Gaga revealed the track listing for 'ARTPOP' and the Robert Rodriguez-directed lyric video for 'Aura.' She did both in epic Gaga fashion. Regarding that track listing, she let little monsters reveal it on Twitter, via mural artwork they created.

It was interactive and participatory, and it revealed a collabo with R. Kelly, which surprised us! We heard about the other features, but the news of R.'s involvement was exciting to us.

The artisan monsters tweeted photos of each individual song title in the mural.

Real quick about the lyric video -- it is filled with images and dialogue clips from the campy film 'Machete Kills,' in which Gaga has a small role. The film is out this weekend, so this was the ultimate way for Mommy Monster to cross-promote her movie and her album.

Without further pause, the 'ARTPOP' track listing is as follows, with two tweets from Gaga explaining how and why she did it this way.

Watch Lady Gaga 'Aura' Lyric Video