Happy 'Born This Way' day! Lady Gaga released both the standard and the bonus track versions of her third studio album today, May 23. One of the bonus tracks is 'Black Jesus + Amen Fashion,' and the track addresses some of Gaga's favorite themes, including runway fashion, religious symbolism, and New York City culture.

'Black Jesus + Amen Fashion,' like many of her other tracks, brings together different flavors of pop music with electronica influences. The track contains heavy synth that is similar to the sounds produced by electronic artists like J.U.S.T.I.C.E. and MSTRKRFT, while simultaneously making you feel like you are listening to one of Madonna's sprightly mid-80s tracks (think 'Material Girl' or 'Lucky Star'). On top of these influences, Gaga is also bringing her '90s club and '80s new wave flair to the table.

Gaga sounds like she would to commander-in-chief of an army of young N.Y.C. misfits and outcasts as she sings "Amen fashion / on the runway / work it, black Jesus" through an Auto-Tuned mic. During the first verse, Gaga reflects on the past, singing, "I grew up in New York City / Since I was born on Broadway, baby / Moved downtown when I was just 19 / To start a new life on the New York scene."

The transitional quality of Gaga's 'Black Jesus + Amen Fashion' definitely keeps you interested to see what will happen next. The movements from sweeter pop sounds to hard-hitting techno are done well, and Gaga's vocals flow with every beat change. We can see this track being played everywhere, from high fashion runway shows to an alcohol-infused dance party in your friend's basement.

Listen to Lady Gaga, 'Black Jesus + Amen Fashion'