While most kids are groaning at the idea of back-to-school supplies in mid-July, Lady Gaga and her Born This Way Foundation, which is spearheaded by her adorable mother Cynthia Germanotta, make the idea of paper and pen fun thanks to their limited edition products, which will be sold at Office Depot.

The Foundation's mission is to encourage youth to feel confident about their individuality and what better way to spread that message than with Post-It notes and Sharpies bearing inspiring, empowering phrases?

Some of the custom products include $20 value gift cards with the following messages: “Be Brave,” “Be Amazing,” “Be Yourself,” “Be Kind,” “Be Accepting” and “Be Involved.” Parents, students and teachers can redeem the cards for back-to-school essentials at Office Depot. After use, the cards can be clipped to backpacks as keepsake mementos, too.

"Kindness Sticks" Post-It notes, limited edition Sharpies and "Bravery Bracelets" with the BTWF logo will boast the same messages as the gift cards.

Cute, right? We bet school-aged little monsters will trade Post-Its and pens.

The products will be sold at Office Depot brick and mortar stores and online. The office supplier will donate 25 percent of the sales of these limited edition items to the BTWF, with a guaranteed $1 million donation this year.

In a statement, Mama G said, “Office Depot is a place that brings together students as well as their families and teachers, who play such an important role in inspiring and supporting today’s youth."

We want to scoop up a bunch of these positive Post-Its.

The BTWF is on the right track, baby.