In this video footage captured outside of Lady Gaga's Los Angeles show on the Born This Way Ball tour, several little monsters told us what being a Gaga fan meant to them. It's clear that membership in the little monster army is so much more than regular ol' fandom. It's being a part of something bigger than you.

The fans, dressed up in costumes inspired by the Mother Monster and her stage show, were happy to share their stories about the depths of their love for their heroine and the community she fosters.

"Some people are into religion," one monster, wearing a light up bra, mused. "I am really into lady Gaga." There you have it. She's their goddess.

Others celebrated the fact that "a little monster is allowed to be themselves."

That sentiment was echoed more than once. Being yourself is not something Gaga plays lip service to. She makes it a reality for herself and her fans.

The fans -- some copying makeup from the 'Born This Way' video -- sang verses of her songs and put their paws up, exhibiting no shyness about being a part of the little monster realm.

We applaud them for being quite a creative bunch, fashioning fancy costumes and doing elaborate makeup while attending her shows.

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