What happens when Disney characters meet pop culture? Something pretty awesome, actually -- and that's what Mexican artist Rodolfo Loaiza brings to life in his new exhibit, Disasterland.

Where else can see you see Cinderella rock Lady Gaga's famous meat dress? Or get so fed up with her life that she channels Britney Spears in her meltdown days by shaving her head?

Here's how the exhibit is described: "Rodolfo explores what would happen to our fables if they were flesh and blood and confronted with the frenetic and excessive world of fame. Who among them would prove susceptible to the excesses of drugs, alcohol, harassment or vanity?"

In addition to the Cinderella exploits described above, Loaiza imagines Snow White as an alcoholic, puts Peter Pan in Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' outfit, and shows Freddie Krueger terrorizing the dreams of Sleeping Beauty -- and it only gets more twisted from there.

All of the artwork is for sale -- in fact, much of it has already been sold -- but if you're in the Los Angeles area, you can check it out when the Disasterland exhibit opens Aug. 3rd at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery.


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