It may be a demo and it may be a leak, but a four-minute version of Lady Gaga's 'Burqa' (or is it called 'Aura'? It's unclear) from 'ARTPOP' has landed online, and we're feasting like vultures. It's the most we've gotten, in terms of actual new music, and it gives us a healthy taste of what we think we can expect on 'ARTPOP.'

The song opens with ominous, buzzy guitar strumming and Gaga delivering a monologue in an exaggerated, sing-talk style. It sounds like the song would be at home in any sequence in 'Pulp Fiction' or on that film's soundtrack. It has that kinda energy.

'Burqa' is dramatic and cycles through different moods and tones. The opening is almost Broadway-like in its drama as Gaga tells a story of murder.

Gaga declares: "I killed my poor, former friend / Left her in the trunk on Highway 10 / Put the knife under the hood / If you find it / Send it straight to Hollywood." The brilliance inherent in this part of the song is the way she turns the word "Hollywood" into a cackle.

Then when she gets to the mid-section, she asks: "Do you want to see me naked, lover / Do you want to see the girl who lives behind the aura?" That's the bridge and the hook of the song, and it's super catchy.

If we could contextualize it, 'Burqa' reminds us of a mashup of Mother Monster's own 'Telephone' and 'Scheibe,' sans any German vocab words. There's plenty of synthesizing and processing, and loads of tweaked out sounds.

Yeah, it's epic.

We love the song's close out, which is a computerized vocal that squawks out one word, two syllables: 'ARTPOP.'

If this is what 'ARTPOP' sounds like, we can safely say that it's not 'Born This Way V. 2.0.'

You can also check out the lyrics below.