Lady Gaga pushed the limits – again -- with her latest accessory.

The Mother Monster was spotted leaving her NYC hotel on Saturday (Dec. 15) in an all-black ensemble featuring a leather jacket and lace up platforms that made her several inches taller. That's nothing new. It was the black and gold cage-style head gear she wore that made us go, "Wait, WTF?"

Ma Monster's strange, S&M headpiece was certainly a case of fashion over function, as it seemed to serve no real purpose nor did it enhance her outfit in a good way. It's as though she encased her head in order to get people to drop their jaws and go, "Is she wearing  giant headgear?"

It added a costume-y and slightly garish element to an otherwise tame-by-Gaga-standards outfit. She should try out to be the net minder for the New York Rangers (if there wasn't an NHL lockout) since it looked like a couture take on a hockey goalie's mask.

Even Gaga's Haus of Gaga creative director Nicola Formichetti has come out to admit that not everything Gaga dons is a home run. He admitted to regretting some of her looks over the years, but "she works it …mostly."

We will disagree with Formichetti there. No matter what Gaga wears -- a meat dress, a cage headdress, Kermit the Frog dolls, you name it -- she always works it with confidence.

Remember the flowers she wore at a fashion show? Or the ram's horns at the Born This Way ball?

Gaga also stepped out earlier in the day with another impractical accessory: a dangerously long, five-inch pointer fingernail, sharpened to an icepick point and painted in shiny black lacquer. The rest of her digits were painted flashy gold. She could poke an eye out or puncture the skin or fatally stab someone with that thing. See it here.

Little monsters and PopCrushers, what do you think of Mama Monster's head piece? Do you like it or think it's ridic?

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