We all know Lady Gaga is otherworldly, but she has further proven that fact by releasing a photo of herself as a centaur, which is half-human, half-horse.

Finally, her "Mother Monster" persona and name make a whole lot of sense. Gaga is sporting a unicorn horn, as well, so she's furthering the mythical nature of the creature and the pose in this photo.

The image appears to have been taken during the earliest promotional phases of 'Born This Way' and looks like her Billboard cover sessions, since she was wearing similar attire. But it's the first time we've seen this magical image. Gaga is sporting cheek implants and was prone to distorting her face during that period of promo for the record, and she took things a step further by distorting her body in this image.

Can we just tell you that we love her version of the hooves? Leave it to Gaga to transform into a creature such as this and do it fashionably, with chunky, reverse platform heels that look like horse hooves; these are something that fashion-forward women would want to wear.

The photo is beautifully done since Gaga is able to maintain perfect, upright, bipedal posture, despite having a horse's body attached to her. It's another example of Gaga not only breaking the mold, but creating her own mold.

Again, she shared this photo via LittleMonsters.com. She has been giving fans plenty of exclusive images via her site as of late. Like the photo of her and her boyfriend, 'T'.'

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