Lady Gaga and her enviable curves cover the September issue of fashion bible Vogue. Gaga looks like a Victorian princess in her purple-pink, figure-hugging, floor-skimming, cinched-at-the-knee gown and halo of hair. But first, let us take a minute to explain the significance of the September issue of Vogue.

There was a documentary on the production of the mag's September 2007 issue, since it is the biggest, most important and influential book of the publishing calendar and one where editor-in-chief Anna Wintour dictates which trends and looks will be hot for the fall and winter seasons. It's also stocked to the brim with advertising, which is part of the mag's financial lifeblood.

It's reportedly Vogue's biggest-ever September issue, which is really saying something. It boasts 658 ad pages, which is utterly massive.

On her cover, Gaga looks like a statuesque model. She also shared an inside image, where she is naked and wearing a life-sized pink feathered hat that trumps the one Gwen Stefani wears on this month's cover of Harper's Bazaar.

Gaga tweeted (which you can see below) that she was bugging Wintour, the doyenne of the fashion world, to let her share the image, since it was so anticipated. She even threatened to engage in carb warfare by sending bagels the Vogue HQ. You can check out that cute tweet below. And how uh-mazing is that she tweets with Wintour and calls the woman who was the inspiration for 'The Devil Wears Prada' by her last name?

She's Ma Monster and she can do whatever she pleases, including wear a hat looks like Big Bird if he was dyed hot pink and sat on her head.

Check out her previous Vogue cover, on which she boasted a pink, flapper-style bob, here.

If you want further proof why Gaga is good enough to grace the most critical issue of the fashion calendar for the most influential style mag in existence, check out the photo she shared today. She keeps the pink and furry motif of her Vogue cover, as she is decked out in a hot pink coat and hat (in August!!!) while cradling her pup. She tweeted: "had a lovely time at VUITTON today, I got to see all the pre-FALL in the back of the store. Marc Jacobs killed it."

See what we mean? She's spending time at high-end fashion houses and dressed to the nines while doing it.

Lady Gaga Vogue Cover

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