Lady Gaga is Down Under, playing a batch of sold out shows and enjoying herself while in Oz. She celebrated the Fourth of July by partying hard at the Northcote Social Club in Melbourne, but that's after she got turned away from another Aussie Bar. Wait, what?

Turns out that the Mother Monster had planned to have her tour after-party at the famed Cherry Bar. But due to a pre-existing engagement, she was denied and turned away. A bar owner/booker said no to the one and only Lady Gaga? WTF was he thinking? The publicity from her showing up would have been massive for the establishment.

According to The Age, Gaga and her team had been negotiating with the intimate, 200-capacity Cherry Bar for a tour afterparty with her band performing, when the booker told them they'd have to be cleared off the stage by 9PM, due to local band Jackson Firebird being booked for a weekly residency. The bar chose to honor its commitment to locals, as opposed to canceling their gig for the biggest pop star on the planet. Gaga's team didn't want to move instruments amidst the mirth, so they politely let him know they'd have to go to the Northcote Social Club instead.

The booker, James Young, then saw photos of Gaga partying at the NSC pop up all over the web, which made him question his choice to keep the Jackson Firebird gig in place and not bump things for Gaga's people to commandeer the stage. In the end, he felt his integrity won out. "I'd rather be remembered as the person who wouldn't budge on an existing booking for a local band," he said.

Gaga retweeted a series of photos of herself partying. The Mother Monster, who is referred to as a "flawless drunk" in one of the photos, emanates fun vibe in the shot above, which Young has likely seen ad nauseum.

Gaga also channels LMFAO's animal print style with her attire. Before the party, Gaga joked about turning Aussie due to the success of her concert, posting: "5 sold out shows in seven days. I think I'm officially Australian. One more show until PERTH! And tomorrow is our HAUS 4TH OF JUL."

You can take the girl out of America, but you can't take America out of the girl.

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