Being Lady Gaga's boyfriend has to be tough. Right, Taylor Kinney? She's at the top of the diva food chain and everyone wants a piece of her, leaving her little time for romance. Being Lady Gaga's ex-boyfriend is even tougher. Just ask Luc Carl, the man who dated her for six years, which is just what Blackbook did.

Carl spoke fondly and honestly about the Mother Monster, revealing the truth on why they split. Hint: It was for obvious reasons, like her insane schedule, and that fact that he wouldn't do wrong by her. Chivalry is not dead.

Carl, whom little monsters know as her "cool Nebraska guy" from the 'You & I' lyrics, revealed that "at the age of 25, a girl walked into my bar and we instantly fell in love. I found out later that at the time, she was only 20 years old with a fake ID. We dated off and on for over six years. She wrote a bunch of catchy pop songs and realized that if she walked around in public with a potted plant on her head, the world would say 'Who is that?' and the tabloids would write stories about her."

The potted plant stuff began to negatively affect the relationship, since she was in high demand. "Her life, needless to say, completely changed, and I’m not the type of guy who can sit on someone else’s yacht sipping champagne," Carl admitted. "Unfortunately, to date someone who is never in the same country, let alone zip code, you had better be rich or be willing to live off of their money. I was neither."

Even though Carl and Gaga loved each other, he resents being viewed as Gaga's ex and little else. He said, "Unfortunately, I get a bum rap. I could write four bestsellers and have 100 radio shows per week and the general public will still be more interested in the ex-boyfriend title. You already thought about skipping the rest of the article... see what I mean?"

Despite that minor annoyance, he has nothin' but love for his ex. "She’s an amazing woman and I wish her all the best in the world. Although I think we all know she already has it."

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