It's usually the fans who honor their favorite artists by getting tattoos dedicated to them, but Lady Gaga just switched things up -- because it totally looks like her latest ink is fan-inspired.

As all Little Monsters know, Gaga frequently calls out "Paws up!" to the audience during her concerts, instructing them to put their hands up, monster-style. And Mother Monster's latest work of body art is clearly an image of this exact hand motion, featuring a hand tucked in a fishnet glove, its fingers (complete with long, talon-like nails) pointing out. She even captioned the photo "#Monster4Life," calling the design "very important" in a previous Instagram post. We love it!

And for some reason unbeknownst to us, Gaga decided to flaunt a little more skin during her tattoo sesh -- showing off her bare booty as the tattoo artist works on the tat on her shoulder. We're not quite sure why she had to expose her butt for work on her upper back, but hey, we won't question it.

Check out Lady Gaga's latest tat in the Instagram photo above.

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