Lady Gaga made an appearance at the NYC Gay Pride Rally on Friday, June 28. It wasn't really a surprise, since we had heard about it the whole day leading up to her speech. But it was a welcomed return to the public eye. In addition to singing a lyrically amended version of the national anthem, Gaga gave a nearly 20-minute-long speech, referring to the gay community by the personal pronouns of "us," "we" and "our," further connecting herself to the group.

Mama Monster said she is happy to have been so warmly welcomed by the LGBT community throughout the course of her life and her career.

She thanked everyone who has come out of the closet for doing so, since they are the people that truly spurred on the change and helped bring about the death of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which allowed states to refuse to recognize gay marriages.

"I am here tonight for my heroes, to honor my heroes," Gaga declared. "Luckily, I have many to look up to and to look at tonight."

She joked that her Italian heritage showed its stronghold in her nose and that she had trouble finding a healthy sense of self and self-esteem as a teenager. But a particular crowd accepted her, which was that of the LGBT community.

She also stated she sees God in the gay community and thanked her heroes, including her hair stylist and one of her wardrobe minders, who are gay. She also stated the community is not a niche but a giant part of humanity as a whole and lead the crowd in a chant of "Enough is enough."

Mother Monster got emotional here and there, but she was typical Gaga. That is, she was passionate, sweet and warm.

Gaga looked adorbs in a strapless black pantsuit with a sweetheart neckline and wide legs, paired with an angled, white blonde bob. She also wore thin, black strip glasses of some sort.

Robin Marchant, Getty Images