The Haus of Gaga is constantly coming up with new items for Lady Gaga to wear or to incorporate into her shows. Their designs are art and theater. Their latest creation? A light up, fiber optic wig comprised of human hair. It's an 'ARTPOP' invention and it looks like it glows in the dark.

In a new video, Gaga explains the genesis and the workings of the wig, saying it was inspired "by taking a Disney princess and putting her in a rave." You know, that sounds about right.

"It's made of real human hair and the finest fiber optics in existence, and it feels like real hair," Gaga gushed about her hair piece.

Gaga's lips look super plump in this video and she speaks with one of those "recently discovered," sorta British, high-brow accents, like the one Madonna had adopted when giving interviews.

Mother Monster looks like an angelic creature while sharing details of the piece. It's plugged into a generator and into her lighting board, so it can be controlled by her lighting designer. Nothing, not even lighting or a wig, is left to chance on the Born This Way Ball tour or by the Haus of Gaga.

The wig was created by Frederic Aspiras for Haus of Gaga. Beautiful work, Fred!

Watch Lady Gaga Talk About Haus of Gaga Light Up Fiber Optic Wig