Hop on the back of a mythical creature and take a ride with Lady Gaga in her new tune, 'Highway Unicorn (Road to Love),' from her forthcoming album 'Born This Way.'

In 'Highway Unicorn (Road to Love),' Gaga powerfully sings about setting out on a quest to find love over an uplifting, pulsing synth and pounding 808. Like many of the shock pop diva's newer tracks, the dynamic electropop track contains industrial elements, as the beat swells between sweet-sounding keys and hard-hitting percussion.

The lyrics to 'Highway Unicorn' show off Gaga's penchant for creating metaphorical narratives for everyday situations:

"We can be strong, we can be strong / Out on this lonely road, on the road to love / We can be strong, we can be strong / Follow that unicorn on the road to love," Gaga howls at the start of the song. She also has us on the edge of our seats as she builds up to main body of the tune, stutter-singing "Run, run with her t-t-t" repeatedly before bringing it full circle, snarling, "Run, run with her top down baby she flies."

The lyrics to 'Highway Unicorn' refer to the elusive yet beautiful nature of true love, and the way in which people are on an endless hunt to find that perfect person. Gaga also works in some of her favorite images into the song's lyrics, including unicorns (she has a tattoo of one on her thigh and has spoken about her love for the creatures in the past), fast cars, guns and booze-fueled passion.

The lyrics to 'Highway Unicorn' may be a little too cheesy for some pop fans, but any one who is a fan of Gaga is sure to love this one. Let's face it, whether you like 'Highway Unicorn' or not, this song will undoubtedly be blaring from speakers worldwide this summer. As for the team at PopCrush, we think Gaga has another monster of a hit with this club banger.

Listen to Lady Gaga, 'Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)'