For all of her iconic and elaborate costumes and gowns, Lady Gaga has never looked better than she looks on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter'sPower Stylists issue. See the full cover above.

Photographed by legendary Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld in Coco Chanel's apartment during Paris Fashion Week, the singer's look is the perfect combination of edgy and elegant. Gaga wears a beautiful pink gown that would ordinarily look far too prim and proper for the boundary-pushing star were it not for the counter-balance provided by a black leather jacket and oversize accessories — one to-die-for Chanel belt included.

"We don't make a move today without Karl," Gaga said in an interview with her stylist Brandon Maxwell immediately following the shoot, which you can watch in the video below. The singer sips champagne throughout and dons a gown famously worn by Cindy Crawford in the storied pages of Vogue.

"Being on Coco's couch and having champagne in her apartment — it should always be a moment that we remember," Gaga said. "So we are not just creating fashion as a look but an entire experience. It's our life. It's the reason I do it every day."

Watch Gaga talk about making of this timeless fashion moment in the video clip below.

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