So, Lady Gaga's in London, and she's been hitting the town in some very over-the-top garb during her stay -- but instead of the 10-inch, tip-toe high heels and leather bondage fashion, she's opted for some extremely ornate gowns and headgear. Now we want all of you little monsters to weigh in on her best London outfit as of yet!

Gaga must've been inspired by the royal family for her wardrobe choices, as you can see from the sky-high hat in the first photo. In a baggy, but somehow still pretty iridescent gown of pastels, Gaga rocked a pink and purple chapeau with flower and jewel adornments -- it was very Lana Del Rey meets Princess Beatrice and Eugenie.

Next up, Gaga stepped out at night in a legit princess dress, looking like she sashayed right out of Disney's latest family flick. She sort of also looks like she could be headed to prom, though, in the flowing, white Grecian gown and fancy tiara. Then, Gaga must've had her man Taylor Kinney on her mind as she stepped out in a bridal-esque white ball gown with a huge skirt and train -- and she didn't forget her veil either, which seemed to be transformed into another interesting head topper.

Finally, Mother Monster went a little "Mary Poppins goes to the Halloween parade" on us. She waved to photographers while wearing a fancy, bright orange and black trench coat (that pretty much looked like a dress) with some sort of crazy feathered scarf around her neck. Although it kind of looked she hung a dead crow around her neck, Gaga proves once again that unconventional works for her, and we must say that her new brown locks pair up with the orange nicely.

Take a look at some of her most memorable London dresses above and vote for your favorite Gaga gown below!