After much speculation and "Is she or isn't she" chatter, it's been confirmed that New York City's favorite daughter Lady Gaga did indeed shoot the video for 'Marry the Night,' her fifth single from 'Born This Way,' in her native N to the Y.

Reports had surfaced that Gaga was in town to shoot the clip. MTV actually confirmed that Gaga filmed in Staten Island after speaking with Lynn Kelly, the CEO of Snug Harbor Cultural Center, which was the location of the shoot.

Staten Island is mostly known for the dump that's located there ... But Gaga is about to change that perception with her video.

"We found both her and her crew to be easy to work with and low-key," Kelly said about Gaga and her team. Haus of Gaga is certainly full of polite folks who take after their fearless leader. "I think we would have expected a lot of drama, and the truth is, she is probably the most down-to-earth person. It was endearing. She was friendly and kind." Those of us who follow Gaga's activity on the regular are well aware that she is a sweet and kind person and we're glad that Lynn Kelly now knows that fact!

Kelly did not share details about the shoot, the video's narrative or the treatment. Perhaps she does not know anything about those key details or maybe she signed a confidentiality agreement. But Kelly did lay heaps of praise at Gaga's doorstep! "I think, for us, we're so excited to have someone of her talent and to have somebody like that shoot here is a sheer honor," Kelly said. "What her music does for music is so much more than entertainment. It's connecting to the arts on a much deeper level, and that's what I hope we can do here."

'Marry the Night' is the opening salvo on 'Born This Way.' We don't doubt that the song's corresponding video will be epic. We're left to wonder when Gaga will roll out the remaining two Haus of U 'You & I' alternate fashion videos! Mother Monster, we're waiting to see more, hopefully before the 'Marry the Night' video debuts.