LOL! Check out these awesomely hilarious Lady Gaga memes we found strewn about the Interweb.

While some of these memes poke fun at Mother Monster -- don't get us wrong, we love our girl Gaga! Even she has a sense of humor about her wacky ways -- others praise her for her musical talent and overall H.B.I.C. status.

Take a look at the meme to the left, for example. Lady Gaga's boyfriend Taylor Kinney may be super hot, but he's got nothing on Gaga, whose face dominates his Google image page. Then scroll down a bit to the meme of Gaga in her red lacy getup from the 2009 Video Music Awards. Does Eminem not look frozen in terror?

Peep all of these amazing Lady Gaga memes, including cameos from Paula Deen, Old English Gaga (she looks like the Monopoly guy though), and the Dos Equis stud muffin. Also, be sure to spread the laughs by sharing these on your Facebook or Twitter accounts!