While 2011 was truly Lady Gaga's year, starting with the release of the title track single of 'Born This Way' in February, she has no plans to jam on the breaks or shift creative careers. In fact, Gaga's going to keep going and told The Insider she hopes to release a new album in 2012, as well.

When queried about her plans and goals for this year, the Mother Monster said, "I just want to keep going. I am not as goal-obsessed as I am process-obsessed. I just want to keep writing music and look forward to putting out another album and going on tour. I can't wait to see the fans. I feel very blessed to be an artist that gets to make a living doing what I love." There ya have it, little monsters. Gaga is going to tour and hopes to release the follow up to 'Born This Way' before doomsday.

Gaga also broached the subject of motherhood ever so lightly, saying she wants kids, but not in the immediate future. There will be no pitter-patter of little paws anytime soon. She said, "Someday, a long long day from now. Not soon. My next baby will be my new record." So following her logic, Gaga will have a baby in 2012. It will be a sonic baby, not a living, breathing, crying and pooping-in-diapers baby.

She also said that her brain is always coming up with ways to make her music and her shows even better. She revealed, "At the end of the day, the music is the most important thing. I think about the future, the next record, how I can make the stage more beautiful." The topic of a foray into acting came up, but Gaga seemed firm in her commitment to music, saying, "I am a musician."

Gaga is indeed a musician who is first and foremost dedicated to her fans and even plans to dine with them, albeit on affordable fast food cuisine, when she hits the road again. Wearing disc-shaped glasses, a purple power suit, leopard gloves and crimson lipstick, Gaga said fans approached her outside of a hotel recently, asking her to dinner. She said, "When I come back for tour, we'll get McDonald's and eat outside the hotel." She'll munch on Big Macs and fries while wearing Alexander McQueen, we bet.

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