Lady Gaga revealed that she is already working on the follow up to her mega-smash 'Born This Way.' When she called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Friday to discuss this weekend's iHeartRadio appearance, Gaga dropped this bombshell that should make little monsters and her record label happy.

“I’m actually already working on my next album,” said Gaga. “So I’ve been working on that. I’ve been planning the next tour -- which keeps me very excited and busy because I have lots of new ideas, and I know exactly how I want it to look." We don't doubt that Gaga has a very clear picture of what she wants her tour set up and production to look like. She never disappoints and always creates a visual spectacle that delights fans.

A new album and new tour are not the only things the Mother Monster is working on. It leaves us wondering if and when she gets her beauty sleep.

"I’m also planning my next music video," she revealed. "I have lots of thing to do, but in truth, I feel like I’m the most alive when I’m on stage.” Gaga did not say which song the fifth video from 'Born This Way' would be for. Let's not forget, she's still in the middle of rolling out the 'You & I' alternate fashion videos.

There will be no shortage of Lady Gaga in the next few months and beyond!

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