For now, "Mother Monster" will exclusively remain a nickname.

Lady Gaga, who'll soon make her way down the aisle, isn't as urgently rushing to secure a bed in the delivery room, she told E!. Evidently, rumors of a potential pregnancy have begun to abound, but Gaga insists any shift in her figure is simply a condition of age.

"I'm getting a little older and many people think I'm pregnant but I tell them, 'I'm just almost f--king 30,'" she said, and noted of her shape: "I'm having a more difficult time with things."

Welp, if this is a world in which Lady Gaga's body—or age—are subject to criticism, we have officially thrown in a Crate and Barrel outlet store's supply of towels. LIVE AND LET LIVE, EVERYONE.

Thankfully, though, with Cheek to Cheek collaborator (and jazz legend) Tony Bennett planted firmly on her side, Gaga has learned how to avoid sweating the small stuff, especially when it comes to the underwhelming sales of her most recent solo album, ARTPOP.

"That's what Tony has taught me, that my intuition is right," she noted. "When he talks about the 66 albums he's put out, the peaks and valleys, and how it's not about having a hit record—it's the most inspiring thing."

So, Gaga's not expanding her family anytime soon, but could you see her as a parent? Share your thoughts on her recent comments.

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