We told you Lady Gaga was using her LittleMonsters.com site as an exclusive way to share tons of stuff with the little monster contingent. The singer just posted photos from the Sleepover of the Century, which was attended by former rising star Lindsay Lohan.

Gaga shared the images last night and if you are a diehard Gagamaniac, then you will find yourself wishing you were there, passing around the tiara, talking boys with the girls and having a good time at a Hollywood haunt.

Gaga had tweeted about a hang sesh with Lohan at the celeb hangout Chateau Marmont, but they carried the party afterhours and now there's photographic evidence. Gaga appears to have played photographer for LiLo, since the pics are credited to her. Watch out Terry Richardson. Your gal Gaga is getting in on your gig.

She captioned a photo of Lohan smoking like so: "Lindsay Lohan for www.littlemonsters.com. Photo by Lady Gaga. I love to stay up late and take pictures of beautiful celebrities." She also posted "The one and only Lilo."

Gaga let LiLo wear her tiara and she was draped in a fur, too.

Sadly, this hang sesh did not revive Lohan's dead-in-the-water career. Nothing can do that, not even a Lady Gaga endorsement. Poor Linds. She looks old and tired. She probably should have spent more time at this sleepover party getting sleep, as opposed to partying.

Lana Del Rey was supposedly there, too, but we didn't see any photos of her… yet! If she was, it'd be like Gaga and the redheads. They should form a girl group.

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