A song called  'Cake like Lady Gaga' with a quirky chorus has leaked online and it has little monsters wondering if it's a new Lady Gaga jam or feature.

It's a heavily hip-hop influenced track by DJ White Shadow and we have to admit that the female vocal sounds like Gaga in some parts. All of "her" lyrics are delivered in robotic, disaffected fashion, littered with strong curse words -- as in, no "damns" or "hells" here. It's hardcore spewing of the "F" word.

However, the lyrics are also a bit too self-referential to convince us that this is Ma Monster. We're left wondering, "Would Gaga actually say that?" and then thinking, "Probably not... But maybe?"

It's a duet with a rapper, and while Gaga's name is dropped dozens upon dozens of times, it sounds a bit hard and a bit vulgar for her. If this is 'ARTPOP,' it's not what we were expecting. If it's a feature of some sort, it's definitely a new and edgy sound for her.

Gaga's makeup artist Tara Savelo also tweeted the track, which has gotten little monsters lathered up into a tizzy, but it doesn't appear to be any sort of confirmation or revelation that it's Gaga. If anyone would be sharing new Gaga music, wouldn't it be Gaga herself?

What about you guys, PopCrushers? Do you think this is Gaga and do you like it?

Listen to Possible New Lady Gaga Track 'Cake Like Lady Gaga' [EXPLICIT]