Lady Gaga is a flop. She is over. She says so in a creepy promo video where she describes herself as irrelevant and urges people not to buy her single 'Applause' on iTunes and not to buy 'ARTPOP' on Nov. 11.

Do not give this has-been the applause she desires so fervently. What is all this nonsense? It's Gaga using reverse psychology in this Haus of Gaga teaser.

At first we thought it might be a transmission from Paws Down Little Monsters, the anti-Gaga site which dissects every piece of news about her and spins it in negative fashion, like saying her tour was canceled not due to an injury but due to poor sales. Neither of those statements is true, BTW. But it depends on who you ask and on what day when it comes to celeb information and misinformation, right?

The clip ends with text that reads: "Stop the Drama, Start the Music." Point taken. No more talking or criticizing in favor of more music.

Clearly, Gaga is reading her critics and using reverse psychology to beat them at her own game.

In the Haus of Gaga teaser, she's naked with a clear, plastic visor over her face. Her eyes look huge and she is giving off a terrifying stare. Yeah, it's creeptacular. And memorable.