When in Amsterdam, do as the Dutch!

Lady Gaga performed in Amsterdam on Monday (Sept. 17) and she was happy to partake in a little pot smoking action, since the area is the cannabis capital of the world and is perhaps best known for its legal policy on marijuana. So naturally, Gaga smoked a big ol' spliff while onstage.

The Mother Monster performed at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Little monsters threw stuff on stage, none of which she wanted until someone gave her a joint. She joyously said, "Ah, thank you! Holland, is it real? Don’t tease me…" She then toked up, declaring, "Oh, it's real. For those of you who are wondering if I’m high right now, I’m not. That is not nearly enough to get me high," with a giggle. She was still speaking in that overly enunciated, faux British accent that she picked up recently.

Gaga also sported a T-shirt with pot leaves on it. She said that the pot leave symbol is like the new peace sign, since it reminds people to take a breathe... sort of!

She then praised the substance, saying, "I thought that in Holland it would be an appropriate place to discuss my current openness about being a cannabis smoker because I have decided that I want you to know the truth, which is that it has totally changed my life and that I’ve really cut down on drinking. It’s, like, been a totally spiritual experience for me with my music."

Gaga's fondness of weed is no secret. She sparked up in Beverly Hills over the summer, and the photos were splashed all over the media.

Hey, if a little Mary Jane helps fuel her creativity, have at it.

Watch Lady Gaga Smoke Pot on Stage in Amsterdam [NSFW]