Lady Gaga's Thanksgiving special was filled with plenty of entertaining moments, but there was one eyebrow raising tidbit when the singer revealed that she had previously stripped down for the legendary Tony Bennett.

That's right, Gaga got naked for the crooner, but it was all in the name of art. Bennett used the pop star as a muse for a series of sketches, which will appear in an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair. "I walked in and said, 'Well Tony, here we are,' and I dropped my robe and I got into position," Gaga explained. "I felt shy and thought, 'It's Tony Bennett, why am I naked?'"

This isn't the only collaboration between the two stars -- Gaga and Bennett recorded 'The Lady Is a Tramp' for the 85-year-old's 'Duets II' album, and performed the song on the diva's ABC special. "He's so handsome," Gaga said. "I feel terrible whenever his wife is around because he's so charming and such a gentleman."

Bennett gushed over Gaga just the same. "She is the most beautiful person I ever met but there is something special about her."

Too sweet! Little monsters should keep their eyes peeled in 2012, when Bennett's sketches of Gaga are set to arrive in Vanity Fair.