Lady Gaga's self-directed Thanksgiving special featured lots of songs, food and costume changes. So it was a typical day in the Gaga-verse on the surface. That is, until she presented another side of herself.

Gaga opened her hour-and-a-half 'A Very Gaga Thanksgiving' special by performing with Tony Bennett, with the announcer saying, "It's Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga the Tramp." Bennett and the Mother Monster were singing into old fashioned mics, with Tony in a tux and Gaga in a black gown with black head piece split in the middle. For a moment, this was your grandparents' Lady Gaga.

Bennett called her a "theatrical genius. She might become America's Picasso." Later, Gaga said that she is not Picasso, but she is twisted like some of his paintings.

The next scene found her making turkey-themed arts and crafts with third graders from her Sacred Heart alma mater. While we're scratching our heads and wondering how she was using scissors with those talon nails, she was totally connecting with the little ladies. She was even talking Jackson Pollock, the famed abstract expressionist artist, with them. Gaga was shocked they knew who he was. They then engaged in a version of 'Born This Way.'

The action switched back to the dining hall where she performed 'Born This Way' with men in tuxes. She was first concealed under a black hat that looked like a big hair dryer. She performed in a black column gown whose front panel just about covered her breasts. If she danced too hard, there could have been a serious wardrobe malfunction. Thank goodness for double-sided tape.

She then donned a beige, one-shouldered, drapey dress and played 'You & I' at the piano which doubled as the table people ate upon. It was a jazzy, sax-filled version. Then she launched into 'Edge of Glory,' revealing this is her second Thanksgiving without her grandpa. She stopped mid-song to talk about making pizzelles, which are thin, crisp, waffle-like Italian cookies, with her grandfather.

It's the biggest eating day of the year, so Gaga made fried turkey and waffles with Chef Art Smith, but not before removing her Valentino couture yellow coat. She wore a black dress and big-brimmed hat while pitter-pattering around the kitchen.

Cooking is what she does on the road when alone. You can download the recipes here.

She sang 'White Christmas' outside, while dressed in a white hooded and fur-trimmed gown. She added her own verse to the song, which she said is criminally short. The Gaga-amended version went like this: "I'm dreaming of a white snowman / With a carrot nose / And charcoal eyes / And when he cries / I'm gonna tell him it's okay / Because Santa's on his sleigh / And he's on his way."

She kept on the jazz tip with 'Orange Colored Sky.' She returned to the banquet hall of her grade school to perform 'Hair,' surrounded by candles and wigs, explaining that due to bullying, some kids don't get a seat at the table. She thanked little monsters for giving her her own table and giving her courage to be brave and wear her hair without bangs and to show her forehead.

Gaga performed 'Bad Romance' in an orange, wide-legged jumpsuit with a halter neck. It was the ghost of Gaga past. She even feasted a little while performing the final chorus.

In her interview with Katie Couric, who said that her suit was conservative, but she said she loves fashion, whether it's provocative, outrageous or muted. Turns out, the fabulous designer Tom Ford sent her the suit, which she paired with stilettos. "My love is the only thing I don't talk about and I'll tell you why. The day I get married, I don't care how many helicopters fly over that chapel," Gaga said,"They're not getting one photo. I won't sell photos." She will tell the story of her wedding artistically through music.

Gaga got emotional when she looked over at her dad during the chat with Couric. She said that family and helping her dad open his own restaurant is true wealth.

She closed the special by performing 'Marry the Night' in the same tiara-topped outfit she wears in the yet-to-be-released video. She said the song is about marrying her work, and not allowing any fire or rain to get in her way.

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